Sabtu, 20 Disember 2008


LABUAN: Mc Donalds created another milestone by opening its very first restaurant in the Federal Territory of Labuan recently, in line with the company’s efforts in growing its business nationwide and offering capable individuals an opportunity to be a part of a well-established franchise system.

The opening ceremony of the restaurant was held earlier Saturday, and was officiated by Member of Parliament for Labuan Datuk Haji Yussof Haji Mahal, and was witnessed by Azmir Jaafar, the Managing Director of McDonald’s Malaysia and Ronald McDonald, its Chief Happiness Officer.

“We are proud to see the Golden Arches displayed at this beautiful island of Labuan. What makes this occasion even more special, is the fact that this restaurant is owned by one of our franchisees, Mr. Harry Teo who hails from Sabah.

“McDonald’s has always been a franchising company and we rely on our franchisees to play an important role in expanding our business. We also believe in providing capable and committed individuals a chance to progress with us, and Harry’s success is truly a testament to this principle. This is his seventh McDonald’s restaurant since becoming our franchisee in 1997,” said Azmir.

McDonald’s Labuan is strategically located at the Arrival Hall in Labuan Airport and first opened its doors to customers on 8th October 2008.

The restaurant servers a wide range of McDonald’s signature offerings, including the world-famous French Fries, mouth-watering Big Mac and delicious arrays of hot and cold desserts. Its high quality products are complemented by unbeatable convenience services including 24-hours opening, free Wi-Fi connectivity and Birthday party facilities. The restaurant’s dine-in area has the capacity of 205 seats, and it currently employs about 50 local workers to ensure the smooth running of its day-to-day business.

“We are pleased that a major corporation like McDonald’s has spread its wings to Labuan and provided employment opportunities and beneficial services to the people here. We hope that McDonald’s would continue to branch out further by opening even more restaurants in Labuan, and playing the role of a good corporate citizen to the local communities, “ said Datuk Haji Yussof Haji Mahal.

A daylong carnival-atmosphere marked the celebrations of the grand opening, with exciting family activities and free gifts galore.

The highlight of the events was a special performance by Ronald McDonald, the Chief Happiness Officer of McDonald’s. The ‘Ronald McDonald Showtime’ attracted the attention of children and adults alike, who were clearly fascinated by the magical and educational show.

McDonald’s charity arm, the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Malaysia (RMHC) also presented a cheque worth RM1,000 to welfare organization PDK Labuan (Pemulihan Dalam Komuniti), in its efforts to assist the less fortunate children.

“McDonald’s has always believed in giving back to the local communities, and we continuously seek to engage our customers by being an active community partner. We’re extremely grateful that this restaurant has been very well received by the people of Labuan, and we also hope that its success would attract more local independent entrepreneurs to join us in running a quick service restaurant with the most recognized brand in the world,” added Azmir.

McDonald’s currently has seven franchisees operating a total of 14restaurants in Malaysia. McDonald’s Labuan is the latest addition to its growing list of franchised restaurant nationwide.

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  1. Assalamu'alaikum, Uncle Datuk Y.B,

    ada tak cadangan ank mewujudkan Pusat Belia Antarabangsa di W.P Labuan?....satu kemudahan untuk anak-anak muda menjalankan aktiviti yang berfaedah samada peringkat negeri, kebangsaan atau antarabangsa....sebab saya sangat berharap agar seandaianya di sini ada pusat belia yang lengkap dengan dewan, perpustakaan, kafeteria, cyber cafe, kemudahan riadah, bilik mesyuarat, asrama..saya yakin ramai kawan-kawan saya di peringkat kebangsaan atau antarabangsa ingin berkunjung ke Labuan...ramai yang berpendapat bahawa Labuan sesuai untuk di adakan program pembangunan modal insan mungkin kerana suasana persekitarannya yang bersih, tenang dan selamat berbanding dengan negeri-negeri yang pesat membangun dan sibuk dengan aktiviti harian.

    kalau lah dapat diusahakan alangkaha berbangganya kami mempunyai ahli parlimen yang mengutamakan usaha pembangunan modal insan bukan sahaja di W.P Labuan malah di peringkat kebangsaan atau pun antarabangsa...

    salam tahun baru 2009