Khamis, 18 Disember 2008

The next step of development is on the way. Yang Berhormat Datuk Haji Yussof Haji Mahal has been planning the next stage of Labuan's progress

• To increase the population of Labuan moderately by utilizing the Federal funds to create more jobs opportunity. It is duly observed by Yang Berhormat that the former YB has done a great job of building and providing 1st class buildings and infrastructure for Labuan. However Labuan is currently suffering from lack of population and tourists which resulting in Labuan becoming too dependant on Federal funds and lack of its own ability to generate its own economy.

• Yussof is quite appalled by the oddity of Labuan that is beautiful (considered as Garden of Borneo) but yet lonely. He believes that by the utilisation of the Federal funds should be balance between building beautiful buildings and to create jobs opportunity to attract people to come and occupy those buildings.

• To increase the flow of tourists (local/foreigners) visiting Labuan. His most concern is the ability of Labuan to create its own source of income. After studying the history of Penang and Langkawi, Yussof is of opinion that improving the images of Labuan is the best step to improve its economy.

In order to increase the flow of people visiting Labuan, he will try his best to overcome the expensive cost of travelling to Labuan. It is duly noted that currently the MAS fare from KK to Labuan is more expensive than AIRASIA fare from KK to KL.

No wonder even our relatives in Sabah prefer flying to KL to holiday rather then visiting us. The ferry fare will also be considered to make it more affordable, or at least to make it more worthy by the tourists who prefer to travel by sea.

The crime rate in Labuan is moderately increasing eventhough still controllable.

The planning to increase the population of Labuan, if not planned carefully, will bring along negative impact upon Labuan. Synthetic Drugs and Prostitution is currently making a slow but gradual and notable approach to Labuan.

He is already aware the reason behind these increasing problems and will overcome it with the help of the Law Enforcements and with the installation of Hi Tech devices on certain public area in Labuan to monitor the public's safety.

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  1. Pandangan dalam penulisan blog Datuk ini sangat memberansangkan.
    Sejak Labuan diistiharkan sebagai WP dan sejak BERJAYA memerintah lagi semua pembangunan di Labuan 80% drbnya adalah pembangunan fizikal semata. Terlalu kurang pembangunan yang mengarah kearah memperamaikan penduduk Labuan itu sendiri, malah usaha untuk mempromosikan Labuan sebagai satu produk pelancungan juga ditahap rendah. Saya sangat berharap kerajaan akan mendengar saran YB Datuk ini kerana ianya sangat bernas dan ikhlas.